Penn Says Boxing Was His First Love

Throughout his career, B.J. Penn has always been thought of as one of the most dangerous fighters to deal with in any facet of the game. With a phenomenal jiu-jitsu game at his disposal, Penn has perfected a deadly striking arsenal to use against his opponents as well.

Just recently, famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach had stated that he believed Penn had the best stand-up of any fighter in MMA and Penn takes that as a huge compliment.

“Knowing all of Freddie’s accomplishments and the people he’s been around. Freddie’s held the mitts for me a few times, and worked a few things with me and wow that’s an awesome thing that Freddie said that,” Penn said recently.

In his fight with former UFC lightweight champion, Sean Sherk, it was the Hawaiian who controlled the biggest part of the bout with a devastating jab that pummeled his opponent all the way to the finish.

“I do work the jab a lot, but it’s not like I work it more than any other punch. It’s like when I get in a fight I end up jabbing more than anything,” Penn said. “I don’t know why, I don’t know how it happens. Even with (Takanori) Gomi, I remember it was a battle of jabs. I always remember I had a pretty stiff left jab when I was a kid growing up.”

The current UFC lightweight champion admits that his love of boxing goes back to his youth, even before he discovered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

“I try to work on my striking, actually boxing was my first love before I even found jiu-jitsu,” Penn stated. “I was always about the kind of guy you can hit me, I can take your best punches, hit you back and eventually you’ll give up. I was one of those guys.”

“Boxing has always had a special place in my heart.”