by MMAWeekly TV

Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo last night had to go midway into the third round to defend his International Fighters Association title against Jeff “Snowman” Monson at Art of War 3 in Dallas.

The surprising element in the fight wasn’t that Rizzo was able to finish Monson with his hands, but that Monson was able to dish out a healthy dose of trouble with his own, newfound boxing skills.

“It was a big surprise to me,” said Rizzo following the fight. “I expected him to box a little bit and shoot on me. So I was ready for the shooting, but the shoot never came.

“He showed up in the ring [and] I think he was in the best shape of his life. He boxed with me like a professional boxer. Jeff came to box with me … so I had to fight up close with him to avoid his shooting.”

Monson wasted no time employing his hands, opening a cut over Rizzo’s right eye in the first round. It was the kind of cut that could easily spell trouble for a less seasoned fighter, but Rizzo called on his experience to take him through the fight.

“I have been fighting stand up my whole life, so I can take a punch and keep confident and keep fighting,” stated the Brazilian.

Keep fighting he did and ended up with the successful first defense of his IFA World Heavyweight Championship.

“For me to hold this title is a big honor,” said Rizzo. “It was a good fight; Jeff fought great.”

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