Paulo Costa accused of elbowing nurse over vaccination card argument

Former UFC title challenger Paulo Costa could be in big trouble if the reports of him striking a nurse over a dispute turn out to be true.

According to Globo, a Brazilian news outlet, the alleged incident took place on Monday night at shopping center in Contagem, Brazil.

What was said to have occurred was Costa married to get his vaccine but it was not able to be administered. Costa then tried to leave with the vaccine card.

“The card was filled out. The workers said that, at the time of application, he did not accept to be vaccinated, he wanted to leave with the card, and they did not accept it. At that moment, a nurse was elbowed,” municipal guard Marco Mota said according to the outlet.

Both Costa and the 26-year-old female nurse were taken to the police station for their statements. She did not accept medial attention but reported that her “lips were swollen.”

The guard says that Costa has a different story of the event.

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“He said he got the vaccine, but the nurses didn’t let him go out with the card,” Mota said. “He said it generated stress. He took the card and left. At that moment, a nurse grabbed him by the arm, and he broke free.”

Costa was not arrested but will need to attend a court hearing due to a criminal complaint being filed.

Costa is scheduled to fight Luke Rockhold on August 20 at a location to be determined.