Pauline Macias: ‘They’re going to have to kill me for me to not win’ at LFA 65

Since turning pro just under a year ago, strawweight Pauline Macias has had just about everything go her way in her two victories.

First against Brianna Smith at V3 Fights 559 last June, then versus Madaline Meacham at LFA 57 this past January, Macias was able to control the action and finish both fights about how she wanted to.

“I feel like I’m really understanding MMA now,” Macias told “All of my (pro) fights have been finished quicker than my amateur ones.

“My first fight was over in 1:40 in the first round, so I got out there and got it over quickly. My second fight was over early in the second round. I was able to chip away at my opponent. I knew something was going to happen in that second round, and then I broke her jaw, so it worked out.”

Macias, a world class Judoka and lifelong friend of former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, feels like now her entire game is coming together and that she is quickly developing into a whole new fighter as the months go on.

“Every fight now I feel like a different fighter,” said Macias. “Things are really coming together. I’m able to put together all the aspects of MMA right now.

“Now that I’m with Team Elevation fulltime I feel like I’m home. My coaching staff is absolutely incredible. They coach the best in the world. It’s amazing how much I’ve evolved. Even from my last fight in January until now, it’s incredible how different I am.”

This Friday in Vail, Colorado, Macias (2-0) will look to keep her undefeated streak going when she faces Sarah Shell (1-1) in a main card 155-pound bout at LFA 65.

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“I know she hasn’t fought in several years,” Macias said of Shell. “I know she’s got a ton more fights than I do as an amateur and pro. But for me, I have to go out there and fight my game. I don’t like to settle into anybody else’s game.

“I know that my mind is so much stronger. They’re going to have to kill me to in order for me not to win. I’ve been competing my whole life, so I’m ready to go.”

Seeing herself following in the footsteps of Rousey, Macias has only one goal: getting to the UFC. To get there she knows she has to build her career up, and will be doing all she can to make that happen in 2019.

“I kind of have somewhat of a roadmap,” said Macias. “I don’t have a big record, so I want to fight as much as I can so that way I can get to the UFC. That’s where you want to be. That’s the goal.

“For me, I’m doing this because this is what I want to do for a career – I’m not giving myself any other options – and I’m going to do everything I possibly can in my power to compete my best, fight my best, win, and get to the big show.”

LFA 65’s Pauline Macias

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