by Lee Whitehead – MMAWeekly.com
There has been confusion of late surrounding Paul Daley and where he will be fighting next… will Daley be fighting Nick Diaz in Elite XC, or will Daley be fighting Mark Weir in Cage Rage?

Daley himself stated following Cage Rage 22 that he was offered Jake Shields or Nick Diaz, Shields then dropped out of the mix and Daley confirmed that he would be step up to fight Diaz for the 160lbs title. With Diaz announcing that he will be taking part in the September 15th show and Daley already being booked for the 22nd of September in Cage Rage, something didn’t add up.

“I originally had my hopes quite high about flying to Hawaii when I read the Diaz piece, but everything is straight now and I won’t be fighting Diaz on the 15th of September” stated Daley clarifying that he won’t be Diaz’s opponent for this date, but he didn’t rule out fighting him in the future. “I will be fighting on the November Elite XC show as a prelude to Diaz, after that it’s me and Diaz for the belt”. Before Daley runs riot stateside again he has his hands full with a Muay Thai fight coming up in Nottingham on Saturday and obviously the challenge of Pride/UFC veteran Mark Weir to deal with at Cage Rage.

Weir for his part will have his hands full as well before meeting Daley as he will be fighting Nick Thompson for the Bodog Welterweight title on August 19th – putting him just outside of the 30 day fight-break period in operation between organizations here in the UK, so providing he remains uninjured after the fight with Thompson, he will face another war against Daley for the belt – back to back title shots for the Wizard… talk about having a tough month.

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