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FX3 Fight Night 4 Photo Gallery

Main Card Fights

Paul Daley def Daniel Weichel via KO 2:55 R1

Paul Daley looked clam and measured during the opening moments of the bout, trying to assess his opponent’s strategy, whichever way you look at it, he has to respect Weichel as an opponent and knows he is a dangerous challenger to his FX3 belt, so in essence this is a smart move.

Stylistically it was apparent that Weichel wasn’t going to trouble Daley on his feet and that his key to victory were in persistent takedowns, Daley was having none of it and managed to avoid contact during initial drives. Picking his shots in short combos Daley landed a beautiful hand/kick combination that dropped the German to the ground, Daley simply walked away forcing Weichel to fight the way Daley wanted it.

Another short combo revealed Weichel had a tendency to duck under fire and shoot, upon realizing this; the next combination proved to be the last as he modified his attack to include a knee after the combo. Finding its mark flush, Weichel became another win statistic on Daley’s resume.

Nigel Whitear def Jason Barrett via Armbar 2:27 R1

I feel for Jason Barrett in this fight, he was losing the fight as soon as it hit the ground, Whitear worked diligently for his first armbar attempt and was thwarted, Second time round he wasn’t so lucky and ended up with his arm dislocated. Unfortunate because Leon (referee) was round the opposing side of the fighters and didn’t see his hand tapping frantically under his opponent to release the hold, no blame, just a case of not being able to be everywhere at once; and so, Barrett goes home with his arm in a sling.

Alex Owen def Frederic Fernandez via Triangle 2:29 R1

Alex Owen is a fighter destined for good things, he has a terrific ground game and decent standup, I say decent because there are clear openings in his game, but the potential is there. How much of that potential gets eroded when he steps up to face Brad Pickett this early in his career is anyone’s guess but I get the feeling he will be making waves long after that fight has happened.

Back to present, Fernandez appeared to have little to trouble Owen on the ground and looked particularly distressed when mounted; he still proved to be resilient to his opponents attack during the first but he wilted badly during the second as he succumbs to a solid triangle choke by the new FX3 featherweight champion.

Andre Winner def Wesley Felix via Decision

Coming into this fight I had some questions about Andre Winner that appear to have been answered, he is clearly a star in the making but this fight showed that he has the tools but somehow needs to sharpen them a little to really fly ahead of the pack.

Wesley Felix was a game opponent come the second round but appeared to be stiff and unable to listen to his corner during the first where Winner was dangerously close to ending the fight via two armbars and triangle choke. The second round saw Felix impose his will over the Rough-House up-and-comer leaving the scores 1-1 going into the deciding round.

Second out and the winner takes all… both fighters are looking to score points but Winner is ultimately working at a stronger pace landing solid knees in the clinch but unable to capitalize with his hands on the breaks. Points racked up in a hard-fought match and Winner takes the spoils…

Lawson Tennant def Ben Vickers via GNP 2:10 R2

Having seen Lawson Tennant fight at Intense Fighting I knew that he had some solid kicks, and I expected them to be dished out on a regular basis, unfortunately he only managed to let a series of 5 TKD style kicks fly during the bout, for most of it he was grounded and outworked by Vickers; If Lawson ever managed to secure top position we was swiftly reversed for his efforts.

It was only come round two that the momentum swung and Lawson found his pace securing the mount on his opponent and proceeding to let everything fly en route to referee stoppage.

Przemyslaw Mysiala def Lance King via TKO 2:12 R1

Mysiala showed exceptional flexibility for a heavyweight throwing a couple of high kicks during the bout that were full of intent but sadly, missed the mark; He moved well, picked his shots and timed everything to perfection, King only managed to connect briefly with a hook and a few grazing punches but ended up being backed into a corner when Mysiala let loose with a huge left hook followed by a kick to the head when his opponent came down forcing the TKO.

B-Class Pro (semi-pro)

Azran Quasid def Dion Oakes via GNP 2:52 R1

Quasid took this fight on 3 days notice and wasn’t exactly active in preparations for a fight when the call came so he got through on pure instinct and desire. He knew he didn’t have the cardio to go a full three rounds with Oakes, so he set about grounding, stacking and choosing his shots, mindful of not depleting the tank to soon.

Sensing the nervousness of his opponent he took the liberty to ham it up for the cameras giving “us press” the thumbs up… usually when this happens, its tempting fate and something bad occurs, in this case he just refocused on the job at hand and let loose a big right straight followed by 3 hammerfists for the stoppage.

Jared Farre def Pete Brake via GNP 1:31 R1

Farre wins the opening bout of the evening with a ground and pound attack and really showing that the switch from amateur to semi-pro rules change the whole game when you add strikes into the mix. Farre wasn’t able to mount an offense from his back as every time he tried anything he ate a strike for his efforts. I can see the benefit of fighting semi-pro, and I think that both guys will benefit from more matches before stepping up to full pro opponents and rules.

Paul Reed def Rob Neesham via GNP 0:55 R1

Reed had a clear game plan for this fight, close the distance early, takedown, mount and pound; and that is exactly how the fight played out with Neesham never really getting started in the bout.

Brendan Flannigan def Steve Baggaley via GNP 4:30 R1

Good solid fight that saw momentum shift between the combatants each trying their hand at ground and pound and Baggaley in particular coming very close to finishing the fight with a Kimura; Flannigan prevailed in the end accumulation of strikes in mount where Baggaley did little to improve his position.

Cage Kickboxing:

Damien Hamilton def John Healey

I am not the biggest fan of kickboxing in the cage and I have been quite vocal about it over the years, but I have to say this match kept me thoroughly entertained with both fighters laying leather thick and fast. Healey seemed to want to fight a counter game and the style suited his opponent who for all this world, had shades of Manhoef about him.

He was explosive, fast and really trying some wild stuff in there to finish the fight. A testament to Healey’s toughness in taking the best Hamilton had to offer and pushing it all the way to the judges. A cracking fight!

Pete Mercer def Kazys Grigulanias via Decision

Second of the two kickboxing matches and an unfortunate turn of events for Mercer who ended up facing a last minute replacement with considerably more experience (10 fights). He had been training specifically for his opponents weaknesses and to switch at this late stage affected his momentum. He looked slightly weary of attacking come the second round as he was prone to being caught by the Lithuanian’s left hook.

Realizing that the 2 rounds had been even he had to pull it out for the third; and so he did landing low kicks aplenty to outscore for the win but generally looking surprised when the call when his way, making the best of a bad situation to remain unbeaten at this early stage of his career.