Paul Daley on Diaz Fight: “Only If’s” Will Haunt Me For a While

Paul Daley has very little to be ashamed of after his performance on Saturday night that saw him seconds away from claiming the Strikeforce welterweight title from Nick Diaz.

The British fighter hurt Diaz midway through their brief fight, and looked like he might finish him with strikes on the ground, but the savvy champion was able to recover and bounce back for the win.

The stoppage of the fight came under some scrutiny as Diaz tagged Daley with a few solid shots on the ground, but with just 3 seconds on the clock, many wondered if the fight couldn’t have continued.

Now that he’s had the chance to go back and watch the fight, Daley understands where the stoppage came from and he’ll just be haunted by what could have been if his performance had just gone a little differently.

“Just watched over the Diaz fight again, and can see I am rocked early on by a right hook to the temple, I’m spending the rest of the fight, fighting on guts and instinct until the 2nd knock down, Diaz face plant,” Daley wrote on Monday on his Facebook page.

“Like I said lost composure and was swinging for the fences, but now I see why. “Only if’s” will haunt me for a while. But what’s done is done.”

Daley deserves a lot of praise for his performance and after dropping Diaz with a big shot during the first round, it probably wouldn’t take much for him to earn another chance to face the champion in the future.

After a very busy start to 2011 for Daley and Diaz, both fighters are likely to take some much needed time off and return during the summer months.

Daley has already returned home to England where he will rest and recover, and wait for his chance at redemption in Strikeforce.