Paul Daley Misses Weight, but Jordan Radev Keeps BAMMA 7 Bout Alive

Paul Daley at Strike/ Elite XC

Paul Daley

The weigh-in for Saturday’s BAMMA 7 fight card took place Friday in Birmingham, England, but things didn’t go quite according to plan. Several fighters were slightly over their contracted limits due to brief issues with a sauna malfunction sidelining many of their weight-cutting plans.

Most of those issues were quickly resolved with the fighters being allowed two hours to make their contractual requirements.

One fighter in particular, and a key figure in BAMMA’s plans, Paul Daley, came in at 176 pounds for his welterweight fight with Jordan Radev. Being a non-title affair, he could have come in at 171 pounds, but as it was, he was five pounds over the contracted weight.

Shortly after the weigh-ins, Daley took to his Facebook page to post, “Fights off, weigh in off. It’s not happening. Sorry all. I’m done.” has since learned, however, that despite the initial debacle, BAMMA negotiated with both camps and a resolution, if reluctantly, was reached.

Despite being given two hours to drop the weight, Daley reportedly refused. But while Radev’s camp was initially hesitant, Radev eventually decided that he would accept a catchweight fight with Daley at 176 pounds, despite the Brit’s history of missing weight.

Details of the negotiations were not released, but when Alex Reid came in over weight for his BAMMA 4 fight with Tom Watson, Reid was penalized 25 percent of his purse. It would be expected that something similar would have been negotiated for the Daley vs. Radev bout.

As it is, Radev will keep the fight alive, backing up the main event battle between Jim Wallhead and Frank Trigg, neither of which had issues making weight.

Diego Vital stepped in on 17 hours notice prior to weigh-ins when Leonardo Santos failed to make the trip to England for his lightweight title fight against Rob Sinclair. Vital initially stepped on the scale two-and-a-half pounds over the 155-pound limit, but made the cut within the two-hour window.

BAMMA 7 Official Weigh-in Results:

Main Card
Middleweight: Jim Wallhead (185) vs. Frank Trigg (185.5)
Welterweight: Paul Daley (176) vs. Jordan Radev (170)*
British Middleweight Title: Jack Marshman (185.5) vs. Carl Noon (185.5)
Lightweight: Jason Ball (155.5) vs. Andre Winner (155.5)

Preliminary Card:
World Lightweight Championship: Rob Sinclair (154.5) vs. Diego Vital (157.5)**
Lightweight: Dale Hardiman (156) vs. Scott Jansen (157)**
Lightweight: Jeremy Petley (155) vs. Chris Fishgold (155)

Lightweight: Pindi Madahar (155.5) vs. Danny Compton (156)
Welterweight: Eugene Fadiora (182) vs. Robert Devanne (184.5)
Welterweight: Lee Taylor (170.5) vs. Tom Breese (170)
Welterweight: Dean Amasinger (171) vs. Shah Hussain (170)
Light Heavyweight: Fraser Opie (205) vs. Robert Krecicki (205)
Bantamweight Bout: Erik Perez (140.5) vs. James Brum (140)

*Agreed to a catchweight of 176 pounds
**Vital and Jansen had two hours to make weight, both did within the time limit.