Patrick Ybarra Opening Eyes as He Steps into Friday’s Legacy FC 20 Bout with Damacio Page

Patrick YbarraFollowing his highlight-reel flying armbar finish over Billy Buch this past February at Legacy FC 17, up-and-coming bantamweight Patrick “Juggernaut” Ybarra put on another strong performance in his second fight of the year defeating Bobby Huron at Rocks Extreme MMA 2 in March in just over 40 seconds.

“He did what he could to fight tall, because that’s exactly what he was (at six feet) and I’m a lot shorter than him at five-feet-five-inches, so I just started right away with my leg kicks,” said Ybarra “He started hunching over, so after he did that I threw a few punches, pinned him against the cage, clinched with him, threw a few knees then changed levels and took him for a ride and slammed him.

“I slammed him pretty good – I felt his body cringe and heard him blow out a lot of air – then I immediately mounted him and started throwing elbows and finished him from there.”

Mostly known for his submission finishes, for Ybarra to pick up a TKO victory was another step forward in his career.

“It felt so great,” he said. “In the middle of doing it, I had his arm, so immediately I was thinking armbar, but I had a lot of aggression and his face was there, so I kept elbowing.

“I was expecting him to move and then counter with an armbar, but he didn’t move, so I guess he wanted to test his face against my forearm and elbows.”

Ybarra will be looking to continue his hot streak when he returns at Legacy FC 20 on Friday night live on AXS TV in Corpus Christi, Texas, when he takes on WEC and UFC veteran Damacio Page.

“I’m going into this fight with a lot of momentum and even more confidence,” said Ybarra. “I have five fights, but they’re all pretty short, so if there’s any advantage Damacio is going to have it’s going to be experience. But other than that, I feel very confident in myself.

“I’m definitely an aggressive fighter and I have that wrestler’s mentality, and I think that’s going to be a difference maker, being the aggressor. I’m going to let him know early that I’m not scared and I’m there fight.”

Should Ybarra get past Page on Friday, he looks to continue to face tougher competition in whatever promotion will allow him to do so and continue to deliver on the faith people have in him.

“I know I’m going to have this fight and then Legacy is coming back in September, and if I’m not anywhere by then, I’d definitely like another big fight (in Legacy),” he said. “I’m not looking past Damacio. He’s a great fighter, but I would definitely want another top fighter and keep my momentum going.

“I believe in myself and have a lot of confidence in myself, but now other people are starting to notice the talent that I have and I just really want to continue showing it. It feels really good to have other people believe in me also. Now it’s not just me believing in myself, it’s other people believing I can do it.”

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