Patricio Pitbull dominates Adam Borics to retain title on the scorecards

Bellator’s pound-for-pound king, Patricio Pitbull, was looking to defend his newly re-acquired title against the rising star in Adam Borics.

The fight started out slower than the co-main, leading to some boos but the champion quickly silenced the haters by pouncing on Borics after he fell to the canvas following a failed flying knee. Borics was able to escape but Pitbull pounced again and took control of Borics again, but the referee stood them up with 45 seconds remaining and the round ended there.

In the second, they exchanged strikes in the center of the cage and Pitbull opened a cut on Borics’ face. Borics landed a big liver kick to Pitbull but he didn’t seem to flinch and the round carried on. The fans weren’t happy with the exchanges and booed to end the round.

In the third Borics tried the flying knee again but Pitbull grabbed him in the air and slammed him down to the canvas. From there Pitbull worked his way onto the back of Borics who stood up and looked for a way to escape. On the way back to the canvas Borics gave up his back and Pitbull climbed into the backpack position again.

Into the championship rounds they went and it was clear Borics needed a finish if he hoped to be the Bellator champion. That didn’t happen, Pitbull dominated in the fifth and sent the fights to the judges where he won across the board.

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