Pat Miletich removed from LFA broadcast after participating in protest that led to US Capitol lockdown

January 12, 2021

Former UFC champion Pat Miletich was removed from his LFA 97 broadcast duties after he participated in the Washington DC protests that led to the United States Capitol being locked down.

At least five people died in relation to the incident. Several law enforcement officials also resigned, were fired, or are under investigation, and there are calls for U.S. President Donald Trump to resign or be removed from office.

Miletich, also a UFC Hall of Fame member, has provided commentary for the LFA for several years. But after he marched to the Capitol building following a rally by President Trump, he says the LFA was getting pressure to fire him.

“I just got a call from the folks at the LFA, and they informed me that they were getting a lot of pressure because I was at the Capitol. I want you guys to know that the people who I walked with at the Capitol, none of them that I know of were involved in any of the violence,” Miletich said in a video post on Instagram.

“I walked with white people, black people, a lot of Chinese people who escaped communist China who are for freedom. It was across the board people of different religions, races,” he continued.

“The LFA was getting a lot of pressure, and unfortunately they felt they needed to distance themselves from me. I understand their position.”

“First and foremost, the LFA supports the participation of the constitutional right to peaceful protest. During preparations for the 2021 debut broadcast, it was brought to the LFA’s attention that photos of questionable nature surfaced on various social media outlets involving fight analyst Pat Miletich,” LFA president Ed Soares told

“While the LFA continues to investigate the situation, the decision was made to remove Mr. Miletich from broadcast duties for this Friday’s LFA 97 event.”

Aside from his duties on the LFA commentary team, Miletich also has his own podcast called “The Conspiracy Farm,” that tackles all sorts of conspiracy theories, particularly as it relates to politics.

He has also been outspoken about how U.S. Citizens are losing their freedom.

As he admitted, Miletich took part in the protests in Washington DC that culminated in a lockdown at the U.S. Capitol after a handful or protesters turned violent and breached the Capitol building.

On the day of the protests and breach of the Capitol and in the days after, Miletich said he saw no violence around him and defended President Trump, who has been widely blamed for inciting insurrection.

“Amazing day. Citizens are tired of the corruption. I saw zero violence,” Miletich said on Facebook.

“(Trump) did not incite violence,” he later added.

Miletich, however, said that him losing his job is part of the price that has to be paid to secure freedom, which is what he says he is fighting for.

“The price of freedom is gonna be heavy guys. And me losing my job is part of the pain. Even the people that pressured the LFA to get rid of me, I’m doing my best to fight for your freedom. For over two years before this hit, we told you asymmetrical warfare and financial difficulty was gonna be coming on my podcast ‘The Conspiracy Farm.’ I have paid a price, certainly, this year by fighting for that freedom for all of you; even, yes, the people that hate me and wanted me to lose my job.”

In regard to Miletich being fired, Soares added, “We don’t know where we stand for the future, that’s why we are looking in to everything.”

(Photo courtesy of Richard Burmaster | AXS TV)

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