Pat McCrohan predicts a short night for his CES 57 opponent

It’s not often a fighter can find fault with a 71-second win, but middleweight prospect Pat McCrohan feels that such a victory he pulled off versus Jason Markland at Bellator 215 in February is one of those cases.

After putting in so much effort both in fight preparation and in promotion, for the bout to last just over a minute felt a bit anticlimactic to McCrohan.

“It was a little quick,” McCrohan told “It’s good and fun and all, but I sold a lot of tickets and had a lot of people out there to watch me, so I kind of expected it to go a little longer.

“We had like three, four, months of hard training leading up to it. I was in best shape I’d ever been in. If anything I wish that fight would have gone a little longer. It was a whole big build-up to a minute fight. It was over so fast.”

Following two losses in three fights, late last year McCrohan made a change to his training regimen, and feels it could be essential to his success moving forward.

“I started working out at Infinite Fitness for my strength and conditioning, which I have never done before,” said McCrohan. “I never really thought there was a purpose for it, or it was real necessary for me, so I always done it on my own, but it has completely changed my body and my mindset.

“They’re like scientists over there. It’s functional strength, functional movements and whatnot, specifically designed for MMA fighters. If anything that’s the big change I’ve had in my whole program is doing that with them. It’s put me on a completely different plane than I was before.”

At CES 57 on Friday in Lincoln, Rhode Island, McCrohan (4-2) will look to pick up his second win in a row when he faces Andre Hall (3-1) in a main card 185-pound bout.

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“I’ve seen one fight of him where his grappling techniques, his takedowns, it seems more hectic than technique-wise,” McCrohan said of Hall. “It seems like it’s going to be him just trying to be an athlete and try to throw me around rather than technique and stuff. I think that’s going to make it for a really short night for him.

“His strength is grappling, and that’s where I excel, so there’s no way he’s going to be able to beat me in the grappling exchanges. I think his only chance this fight is to clip me with something that I’m not expecting. If his strength is grappling it plays right into my hands and it will be over fast for him.”

For McCrohan, a move to the next level sooner than later is the goal he has in mind for himself and what avenues to take to get there.

“My teammate just got signed to the UFC and it’s lit a fire under everybody’s asses,” said McCrohan. “Once this fight is done with, and I’m not sure when the next CES card is, but I’d like to jump in there real soon and fight again. If not, then look towards a Bellator in October and fight for them.

“I’m going to try to get two, three, four more wins, and put myself in a position to either get a short notice fight for the UFC, or get into the Contenders Series next year and go that route. I’d like to fight as much as possible. Anybody offers me a fighter after this I’ll take it and roll with it and see how many wins I can rack up.”