Review by Joe Pawlus – Photos by Thomas Michael Rozdzynski


Photos by Thomas Michael Rozdzynski (www.ThruMyEye.com)

Review by Joe Pawlus (josephpawlus@gmail.com)



LAKE ISLAND, Ill. – Jeff
Curran’s Outdoor XFO was a smashing success and played out more like an end of
the summer MMA festival than a simple fight card. Spread out over the course of
an entire Saturday, the XFO hosted some good amateur fights and some slamming
pro bouts.


In the welterweight division, Xtreme
Couture’s Dave Terrel ferociously battered Team No Ego’s Brent Mehrhoff from
the opening and closed the fight with a TKO in just over a minute of the first


Heavily favored XFO heavyweight
champion Mike Marrello squared off against Rich Lictawa in a fast paced match
up. Marrello, originally scheduled to face veteran Jeremy Horn, controlled most
of the first round, as he took Lictawa to the mat and controlled him. Licatawa
surged in the second round and came at Marrello with a feverish assault of
strikes. Round two was a different story as Lictawa came out and quickly landed
a few punches. Marrello took his opponent to the mat, but the ref stood the
combatants up after a short bout of inactivity.


After the stand up, Licatawa
aggressively attacked Marrello and got him to the ground. Licatawa eventually
mounted Marrello and pounded him out at 4:19 of round two.


Fight of the night belonged to
current lightweight champion John Murphy and his opponent Mike Corey. It was
three rounds of complete combat bliss. Both competitors continuously explored
their possibilities for victory through a completely even exchange of strikes.
After battering each other mercilessly, the fight went to the ground, stood
back up, and even ended up in the air a few times.


Although to some it appeared almost
too close to call, the judges awarded Mike Corey the split decision after three


In the main event, Team Curran’s Pat
Curran totally dismantled Lucas Gwaltney. Curran opened up with a big right and
then got Gwaltney to the ground. Within the first minute, Curran mounted
Gwaltney and opened a huge gash on Gwaltney’s forehead. The ref called time and
brought in the doc to check out the cut. The doctor stopped the bout and Curran
won via TKO.


-Pat Curran def. Lucas Gwaltney by TKO (Dr. Stoppage) at 1:32, R1

-Pete Grimes def. Dwayne Shelton by Submission
(Rear Naked Choke) at 1:50, R1

-Igor Almeida def. Jason Bowling by Submission
(Armbar) at 1:30, R1

-Dave Terrel def. Brent Mehrhoff by TKO
(Strikes) 0:47, R1

-Rich Lictawa def. Mike Marrello by TKO
(Strikes) at 4:19, R2

-Tony Marti def. Danny Rodriguez by Submission
(Guillotine Choke) at 0:29, R1

-Ryan Sturdy def. Bill Hill by Unanimous
Decision, R3

-Mike Corey def. Jon Murphy by Split
Decision, R3