by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
(Photo courtesy of Pat Barry)

It was a dream to fight Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, but it quickly turned into a nightmare for Pat Barry on Saturday night after a dominant first round, turned into a much tougher second round, and eventually a submission loss in the third.

Something else that may have hampered Barry’s performance during the fight was the fact that the New Orleans native suffered a broken hand and a broken foot during the fight.

UFC president Dana White talked about Barry’s injuries following the UFC 115 post-fight press conference.

“For the record, Barry has a broken hand and a broken foot,” White said. “His foot and hand are broken.”

Barry made a trip to the hospital following his fight to get checked out, and posted a picture on his Twitter account of him being rolled through the airport on Sunday in a wheelchair, dealing with the multiple injuries.

White believes that Barry’s injuries could have held him back a bit in the fight, but also says that the strategy to fight Cro Cop as his friend and not as an ultra dangerous opponent, backfired on the former K-1 fighter. He also alluded to the two early knockdowns that Barry landed, putting Cro Cop on the mat, and not flying in to look for the finish as a major flaw in his strategy.

“No doubt about it,” White said when asked if Barry made a mistake not capitalizing on early knockdowns he had on his opponent. “He respected Cro Cop, but kind of had this feeling like I know I’m going to take him out tonight. I think he played that fight all wrong.”

Undoubtedly, Barry will learn from the loss and unfortunately with a broken hand and broken foot, he’s going to have some time off to think about everything that didn’t go right on Saturday night.