Pam Sorenson Sees ‘Holes’ in Felicia Spencer’s Game Heading into Invicta FC 32 Main Event

November 15, 2018

Having fought as much as five times in a year prior to 2018, to have not yet seen any action so far this year has been highly irregular for featherweight Pam Sorenson.

According to Sorenson, it’s not that she hasn’t tried to find fights, it’s just that everything she’s had planned has fallen through.

“Over the past year I was supposed to fight in January, but the original opponent ended up declining the fight,” Sorenson told “Then I was going to fight in March, but that fight felt through. After that was TUF tryouts, so I was getting ready for that, but found out at the last minute that I didn’t make the cut.

“The last year has been a lot of being in training camps for fights that fell through and for TUF. I’ve been training and getting better, but I haven’t seen any fights.”

When Sorenson does return to action, she feels like we will see a more balanced version of the two types of fighter she has been over the course of her career.

“The first couple years I went pro, my game changed a lot,” said Sorenson. “I used to like to fight in close, fight off the cage, do some dirty boxing, but I went from that to wanting to be at range and be out long.

“A year later I’ve been trying to go back to where I’ve been and blend it all together instead of just being in one comfort zone.”

On Friday in Shawnee, Okla., Sorenson (7-2) will look to capture her first major MMA championship when she faces Felicia Spencer (5-0) in an Invicta FC 145-pound championship main event.

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“I’ll be comfortable no matter where it goes,” Sorenson said. “We’ve been working on some stuff more than others, because we’ve seen some holes in (Spencer’s) game, but I’m fine with wherever the fight goes.

“The title isn’t the end for me. It does mean something to me because it’s Invicta, but I don’t train any harder – I train the same for all of my fights – the only difference is this is a five round fight.”

While Sorenson is happen at the weight she’s at now, she does note if opportunities do not open up at 145 pounds, she’s willing to move down in weight if need be.

“We’re really crossing our fingers that (the UFC will) open up the featherweight division, but we’ll see,” said Sorenson. “If not, I might end up trying to move back down to bantamweight to get into the UFC. Either way, we’ll take it one step at a time.”