by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
If ever there was a sense of urgency in the career of lightweight Bart “Bartimus” Palaszewski, now would be it.

Currently in the midst of a three-fight losing streak, the first since he suffered a similar streak when he first entered MMA in 2002, Palaszewski is in desperate need of a win to keep his career aspirations of title contention alive.

Taking a break from his contractual obligations with the International Fight League, he steps into Saturday’s Adrenaline event in his adopted hometown of Chicago, Ill. in search of the kind of win that can kick-start his stalled career and put him back on the right track.

“It’s great, the IFL allowing us to fight on a different show,” commented Palaszewski of his participation in Adrenaline. “It’s been a while since I’ve been outside the IFL, a couple years now, and fought inside a cage too – that’s going to be interesting.

“To be home fighting in Chicago has been a while, so to have my fans, friends and family supporting me there is going to be great.”

As Palaszewski pointed out, it’s been two years since he last fought in a cage, which presents tactical differences from the IFL’s ring. He feels he’s made the proper adjustments to his game to counteract the divergences.

“I think there won’t be any adjustment in my game, but more an adjustment to my opponent’s game,” explained Palaszewski.

“If I’m on the ground with my head stuck against the cage, things change a little bit. So, I think it’s more an adjustment defensively than offensively.”

At Adrenaline, he is scheduled to square off against Jeff Cox, a former Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter who will also be making his Adrenaline debut.

“From what I know, he calls himself a wrestler, and had a few UFC fights, but didn’t so well there,” stated Palaszewski of Cox. “I’m not taking him lightly, though.

“I’m busting my butt as I always do. I’ll go in there and mix it up. I plan for everything – I’ll be ready.”

It may very well be now or never for Palaszewski, as he admits to a sense of urgency heading into Saturday night.

“I have to win this fight – it’s one of those have to win situations,” he explained. “I’ve had a rough ride lately. I’m on a three-fight losing streak, and I’ve got to get back on the horse.

“Even though I’m in a rut, I know I’m going to pull out of it and get back to where I’m supposed to be. I’m training hard and hopefully go out there and come out on top.”

After Saturday, he plans on making the most of his time with the remaining months of the year prior to taking some time off for his impending marriage in November.

“I have two more fights with the IFL and I’m going to honor my contract with them,” said Palaszewski. “I am scheduled for the August 15 show (in New Jersey), but I’m not sure who they’ve got for me.

“After the Adrenaline show I have eight weeks, so I’ve got to decide if I want to take a fight before the IFL, or just get ready for it and try to get a couple more fights before the end of the year.”

Even with seemingly stable ground ahead of him career-wise for the remainder of the year, Palaszewski knows if he wants to keep people interested in having him on their show, he has to get back to his winning ways, starting in Chicago on June 14.

“I want to thank my sponsors; Tapout, Critical Clothing, and Premier Fighter,” concluded Palaszewski. “I want to also thank all my coaches; Doug Mango, Dave Davis and Jeff Curran.

“Hopefully I can put on a good show in front of my fans, friends and family.”