Paige VanZant Thinks CM Punk is Too Old for the UFC

September 13, 2016

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Paige VanZant, that’s who.

VanZant got paparazzi’d by TMZ and of course they had to ask her about CM Punk‘s loss at UFC 203. Paige was mostly a beacon of positivity in answering (per the usual), but she kinda threw shade at the 37-year-old former pro wrestler. He’s too old, apparently.


If you didn’t catch UFC 203, you missed Punk get absolutely owned by Mickey Gall and choked out in just 2:14. It was tough to watch.

While some praised him for getting in the Octagon and pursuing a dream few would chase, others balked at the situation and considered Punk a privileged celebrity who took the fast track to a huge pay day.

Either way you look at it, Punk got a ton of attention and UFC brass is probably laughing all the way to the bank right now.

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