Paddy Pimblett is banned from Twitter

UFC lightweight star Paddy Pimblett has a substantial following on social media with millions of followers on Instagram, but he can’t post on Twitter.

Pimblett’s Instagram account is currently active and has 2.3 million followers, but has had two Instagram accounts terminated.

“I can’t say nothing back anymore,” Pimblett said during an appearance on Pub Talk. “I can’t say nothing back anymore. I’ve had two accounts disabled on Instagram for ‘bullying and harassment’ when it’s me who gets bullied and harassed. I just give it back…”

“I’ve had two accounts, one with 187,000 followers got disabled. And my second account, it had nearly 900,000 followers and got disabled,” continued Pimblett. “I just can’t say nothing back. I have to be smarter with it.”

As far as Twitter goes, Pimblett is banned from the social media network.

“I’m also banned on Twitter,” Pimblett said. “Just calling people stupid, fat idiots and stuff. You know what I mean? They give me grief and I’ve said something back. Because I’m in the public eye, people report my stuff and my account gets shut down.

“When I open Twitter (it says) ‘your account is permanently suspended.’ It just comes up stating that, so I can’t like or comment to no one.”

Pimblett faces Jared Gordon in the UFC 282 co-main event on Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. He’s undefeated inside the octagon and has earned a ‘Performance of the Night’ bonus in each of his three outings.

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