Paddy Pimblett: ‘I think I won all three rounds’

Paddy Pimblett was victorious in the UFC 282 co-main event on Saturday defeating Jared Gordon by unanimous decision, but many, including UFC fighters, scored the fight for Gordon.

All three judges scored the fight 29-28 for Pimblett. The scorecard revealed that two judges scored Pimblett winning the first two rounds and Judge Chris Lee scored Pimblett winning rounds two and three.

Following the fight, Pimblett said that he easily won the first two rounds and ‘cruised’ in the third.

“That wasn’t close. He just controlled me in the third,” Pimblett said in his post-fight interview. “I won the first two rounds and I coasted in the third. I knew I was two rounds up so I didn’t want to do nothing dangerous and risk losing the fight. I knew for a fact that I won the first two rounds pretty easily.”

During the UFC 282 Post-fight Press Conference, Pimblett said that he believes that he won all three rounds after looking at the stats from the fight.

“I know I won that fight. I deal in facts Lad,” Pimblett said. “I won a unanimous decision. It’s not even like it was a split decision. Look at his face and look at mine.”

“I was landing more significant strikes with my back on the cage. I think he landed three or four significant strikes in the third round,” continued Pimblett. “I was landing knees to the body, knees to the face, little elbows, little punches. Fights are scored on damage now, and look at his face and look at mine.”

“I knew I had won the first two. People don’t have to tell me. When I looked at the stats after the fight I think I won all three. In the cage I thought that he won the third. When it said 29-28, I was like, yeah, good decision. I won the first two and he won the third, but then after looking back at the stats, four significant strikes in the third. Control time does’t mean jack s**t anymore.”

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