Paddy Pimblett and Ilia Topuria get into hotel scuffle in London | Video

Lightweights Paddy Pimblett and Ilia Topuria got into an altercation at the fighter hotel in London ahead of this weekend’s UFC London event.

While the two aren’t matched up against each other on Saturday, they were ready to throw down in the hotel lobby on Tuesday. Following the incident, Topuria posted video of the scuffle on social media.

“I warned you! This is what happens when you disrespect me and my country! You saw me and wanted to greet me because you shit your pants… and you should thank my team because of it wasn’t for them separating me, I would have taken your head off. @theufcbaddy,” Topuria wrote along side the video.

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The two have gone back and forth on social media over the past year, but their beef escalated when Pimblett made fun of the Russo-Georgian War. Topuria lost family members in the war and took Pimblett’s comments very personal and vowed to do something if the two crossed paths.

After Tuesday’s altercation, Pimblett responded to Topuria via Twitter.

“Imagine trying to jump someone on their own with 5 of your boys & you dont land a single shot & get a bottle of hand sanitizer bounced off your head (clown). Don’t try to act big like you did something when you sh*t your pants pretending ur boys was holding u back. Pu**y,” Pimblett wrote.

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Pimblett (17-3) is scheduled to face Mexico’s Rodrigo Vargas on Saturday, while Topuria (11-0) is scheduled to make his 155-pound debut against Jai Herbert.