Overeem’s UFC 141 Pay Held by Nevada Court

December 30, 2011

Alistair Overeem will be fighting at UFC 141 against Brock Lesnar, but his paycheck won’t be handed to him right away after a Nevada judge issued an order against the fighter following a lawsuit from his former managers.

On Thursday, the law offices of Roderick J. Lindblom, on behalf of their clients at Knockout Investment and Team Golden Glory, filed a lawsuit against Overeem for breech of contract.

Overeem had previously filed suit against his former managers for money he claimed was owed to him from past dealings, before severing ties with them earlier this year.

The timing of the filing has come under scrutiny because Overeem’s fight is on Friday night, and the lawsuit came down the pike on Thursday, just 24 hours before he competes in the UFC for the first time.

It appears the move was legal based, and had nothing to do with the attention that would be received around Overeem’s fight.

According to a statement from the law office of Roderick Lindblom, they filed the suit so that Overeem couldn’t get paid from the UFC on Friday and simply walk away with the money.

“We’ve been in discussions with Mr. Overeem’s legal counsel since Nov. 7, and there has been no progress regarding the dispute. The reality is that a fighter is paid within 24 hours of the bout. Given past failure to pay management and training fees, there is serious concern on my client’s part that Mr. Overeem will simply walk away with the money,” read the statement.

Now, as of Friday, a Nevada judge has issued an order “directing the issuance of a pre-judgment writ of attachment and garnishment on Overeem’s fight purse.” In other words, Overeem’s paycheck will be held up by the state of Nevada until there is resolution from the lawsuit.

Essentially the reason the lawsuit was filed prior to the fight was to get Overeem’s paycheck upheld so they could settle the situation before he was able to leave with the money and return home to Holland.

According to Lindblom, who spoke with MMAWeekly.com on Friday, Overeem’s purse will be withheld until this situation is resolved.

MMAWeekly.com will have more information on this story as it develops.

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