by Ivan Trembow
The Pro Wrestling Torch and the Wrestling Observer are both reporting that Tito Ortiz is headed back to the NWA-TNA pro wrestling promotion, where he was a special guest referee earlier this year. The Torch reports, “Former UFC star Tito Ortiz is expected to return to TNA for more appearances starting in October to try to draw UFC viewers to TNA Impact.”

It’s not currently known whether Ortiz will continue to do things like special guest referee gigs and other non-wrestling appearances, or if he will actually become an in-ring pro wrestler and have matches in the promotion. TNA Impact, which is now being advertised during The Ultimate Fighter, will be a weekly one-hour pro wrestling show on Spike TV. Each new episode of TNA Impact will debut on Saturday nights at 11:00 PM following the UFC’s Saturday night programming block.

Incidentally, Vince McMahon is reported to have “flipped his lid” once again after last week’s episode of WWE Raw, when he found out that not only was Spike TV prominently advertising the UFC during WWE Raw as it normally does, but the network was also airing commercials for a competing pro wrestling company during WWE programming. Spike TV is said to be at a point now where they “hate WWE” because of all the problems that they have had with WWE, and Spike executives could care less at this point if UFC or TNA commercials continue to infuriate Vince McMahon.