Original UFC Programming on Fox, FX and Fuel TV: ‘Anything’s Possible’

October 12, 2011

The UFC has always been known for pushing original programming, but with their new deal at Fox kicking off in 2012, they are expecting even bigger things.

Over the last couple of years the UFC debuted the “Primetime” series, which is similar in nature to the popular HBO show “24/7” which goes behind the scenes with an in depth look at a fighter’s training and life leading up to a fight.

While no “Primetime” series are currently slated for the UFC as 2011 comes to a close, company president Dana White says to stay tuned for what’s coming up when their deal with Fox kicks in next year. According to the UFC’s head honcho, the heads at Fox, FX and Fuel TV are already working on some initiatives for original programming at their networks for the fight promotion.

In particular, White points to FX leader John Landgraf as a person of interest that every MMA fan should keep an eye on when their new deal starts in 2012.

“At FX, John Landgraf, the guy who runs FX, the guy’s a (expletive) genius,” said White. “Seriously, ask anybody in the business, he’s a genius. I really like this guy and we’re working on some cool stuff.”

According to a recent article by the LA Times, under Landgraf’s leadership, FX’s audience has grown by 55 percent and advertising revenue in 2011 will hit $521 million. Landgraf has also championed some very popular hit shows like “Sons of Anarchy,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and “Justified.”

Beyond being critically acclaimed programming, Landgraf has helped the network become a huge financial success, and he has conquered the coveted 18-49 male demographic. Those numbers will likely only rise with the addition of the UFC.

White also points to the future with Fuel TV, an offshoot network also run and operated by Fox, and says there are plans in place for working there as well.

All in all, White is very excited about future projects with Fox, FX and Fuel and “Primetime” is just the tip of the iceberg:

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