One FC Summit Kicks Off This Weekend

One FC has made a commitment to growing mixed martial arts throughout Asia and over the next few days they hope to continue their branding process at the One FC summit.

The event which takes place at the $8 billion Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore will host fighters, broadcasters, journalists, gym owners/trainers, sponsors and government partners, as they conduct the largest MMA summit ever held in Asia.

“In the last six months we have completely changed the game for the sport of mixed martial arts in Asia. This is a result of the synergistic efforts within the ONE FC Network and the outstanding support from the network’s exclusive partners. My vision is to create the best MMA network in Asia by choosing strategic partnerships made up of only the best promotions, gyms, sponsors, and media companies in the region. The ONE Asia MMA Summit 2012 is an opportunity for us to come together to share ideas, harness the phenomenal growth of MMA in Asia and create opportunities for all,” said One FC CEO Victor Cui.

The event will be hosted by Apex Sports Agency leader and former fighter Jason Chambers as he acts as MC and leads the Q&A sessions to the 150 special invited guests to the One FC summit.

“I am honored and excited to be asked to be part of such an incredible and needed event,” said Chambers. “MMA is exploding in growth all over the world, but especially in Asia. And ONE FC is leading the charge…their vision is being executed quite effectively, as evidenced by the Summit.”

One FC recently announced a TV deal with ESPN Star Sports, which will make the MMA promotion available to over 500 million homes in 24 countries across Asia.

The One FC summit will run from June 1-3 in Singapore.