ONE FC: Dynasty of Champions Weigh-in Results from Beijing

ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC) announced Thursday that all mixed martial artists competing on Friday have made weight and are ready for ONE FC: Dynasty of Champions, which takes place Friday evening, Dec. 19, at the Gymnasium of National Olympic Sports Centre in Beijing.

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Anvar Alizhanov has replaced Willy Ni in the lightweight bout against Ariel Sexton after Ni was unable to receive his visa clearance for the bout, while Ji Xian and Song Ya Dong made weight without issue, clearing the way for their bantamweight main event showdown.

Ji Xian stated, “I am very honored to be chosen to represent China in the first ONE FC event in mainland China. This is a monumental event for mixed martial arts and everyone in China and around the world should tune in to watch!”

Song Ya Dong stated, “I am very confident in my skills and I believe I can emerge victorious. My opponent has more experience and is versatile, but I feel like I am better in every category. You don’t want to miss this!”

Bantamweight bout: Song Ya Dong (61 kg/ 134 lbs) vs. Ji Xian (60.8 kg/ 134 lbs)

Lightweight bout: Adrian Pang (70.3 kg/ 155 lbs) vs. Vincent Latoel (70 kg/ 154 lbs)
Catchweight (86.2kg) bout: Michael Pasternak (85.5 kg/ 188 lbs) vs. Rafael Silva (84.9 kg/ 187 lbs)
Lightweight bout: Ariel Sexton (70.3 kg/ 155 lbs) vs. Anvar Alizhanov (70 kg/ 154 lbs)

Beijing Featherweight Tournament Semi-Final bout: Wang-Yai Wei (65.8 kg/ 145 lbs) vs. Li Gen (65.7 kg/ 145 lbs)
Beijing Featherweight Tournament Semi-Final bout: Li Kai Wen (65.8 kg/ 145 lbs) vs. He Nan Nan (65.8 kg/ 145 lbs)
Beijing Flyweight Tournament Semi-Final bout: Liu Xu (56.6 kg/ 125 lbs) vs. Wang Wei (55.9 kg/ 123 lbs)
Beijing Flyweight Tournament Semi-Final  bout: Li Wei Bin (56.5 kg/ 125 lbs) vs. Hao Yi Jie (56 kg/ 123 lbs)

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