One FC Continues Fostering Asian MMA Growth with One Asia MMA Summit 2013

One FC LogoOne FC has quickly grown from a fledgling promotion to the premier mixed martial arts promotion in Asia.

Part of how One FC has done that is by assembling MMA talent and putting on exciting fights, but they’ve also done much more than just promoting fights. One FC has also been proactive in fostering the overall growth of the MMA industry in Asia with events like the One Asia MMA Summit.

The One Asia MMA Summit – which the promotion launched in 2012 – is an invitation-only summit that hosts promoters, trainers, gym owners, media members and sponsors for a three-day conference at the Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino in Singapore. This year’s event is May 2 through May 4.

The conference serves as a platform for presentations and group meetings to discuss the business plan of the rapidly expanding growth of MMA in and around Asia.

The One Asia MMA Summit 2013 includes several high profile speakers, including Renzo Gracie, Rich Franklin and Phoebe and Robert Lee, the sister and brother of the late legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, whom many consider the forebearer to the approach adopted by modern day mixed martial artists.

Major companies attending include FOX, Youtube, Google, Motortrader, Tune Talk, New York Post, Yahoo!, MSN and FHM.