ONE FC Adopts PRIDE Style Rules Regarding Soccer Kicks

September 3, 2012

Following a controversial ending in the Andrei Arlovski vs. Tim Sylvia fight over the weekend that involved soccer kicks, ONE FC has decided to change the rule all together.

The previous rule was that a referee had to signal for an ‘open attack’ basically giving a fighter the right to use soccer kicks against a downed opponent.

In their fight on Friday, Arlovski dropped Sylvia with a punch and immediately went for the soccer kick to the head, but the referee hadn’t given the signal to allow the kick yet and when Sylvia couldn’t continue the bout was ruled a no contest.

The rule also came under scrutiny at the last major ONE FC show when Zorobabel Moreira used the move against former UFC lightweight Roger Huerta.

Because of the confusion, ONE FC officials have decided to adopt the same rules as used once upon a time in Pride Fighting Championships.

Essentially, soccer kicks are allowed at all times when an opponent is on the ground.

While the move remains a controversial subject as a whole in the world of mixed martial arts, this rule change will at least eliminate the strange nature of waiting for a referee to give the signal to allow the move to happen in the first place.

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