by Al Yu – MMAWeekly.com
At UFC Fight Night 10, Team Curran fighter Nate Mohr saw his hand raised for the first time in the Octagon. The Golden Gloves winner defeated Luke Caudillo via unanimous decision and earned his first victory in the UFC.

“I think [Caudillo] is okay, but he didn’t really seem to have anything for me,” commented Mohr about his opponent. “Coming off my loss to Kurt [Pellegrino] I was a little reserved, but I felt in good control of him the whole time. I think he is a hard puncher and that’s all I really know about him because we never hit the ground or really even clinched up.”

Mohr made his Octagon debut last April at UFC Fight Night 9 against Kurt Pellegrino. Stepping up as a last second replacement for Wander Braga, Mohr was unsuccessful in his first foray with the UFC and succumbed to an Achilles lock. “I wish I could have kept it on my feet a little longer to get more into my game plan, but it is what it is. I got caught and made the wrong escape attempt,” explained the 24-year old fighter.

Originally from Davenport, Iowa, Nate attended college at the University of Northern Iowa. He took part in the local kickboxing scene, accumulating many amateur wins. Nate also began taking Jiu-Jitsu classes with Greg Halsor, a purple belt under Jeff Curran. Through Halsor, he got involved with Team Curran. Mohr spent some time training at Miletich Fighting Systems prior to attending college. There, he met up with Curran.

“Nate is one of the hardest working guys in this sport. He trains all the time, he makes all his workouts priority and he deserves everything he gets,” commented Curran about his fighter. “He is just coming out of the gate a little green and was blessed with the opportunity to get into the UFC at this early stage of his career. Look for Nate to be tearing a hole in the lightweight division in the next couple years.”

Wanting to focus on his fighting, Mohr contacted Curran about further developing his game. Nate moved in with Jeff for one summer to dedicate more time to his training. After finishing his final semester of college and earning a bio/medical degree, Nate decided to stay with Jeff to train full time. The Illinois resident has been with Team Curran for the last year and a half. Working as a bartender, Mohr also conducts speed and agility trainings at Curran Martial Arts.

So what does it mean for Nate to get his first UFC victory?

“It feels awesome!” elated Nate. “I just can’t wait to get back in and show the UFC fans more of my game. For now, I am just healing my right hand and enjoying the win.”

The UFC 155-pound division has seen rapid growth and is by far the weight class in the organization today. With two fights in the UFC under his belt, Nate Mohr looks forward to future matches. “I still feel a little ‘inexperienced’ compared to lots of the talent in the lightweight division. However, I have so much to learn and to get stronger at. I think in a short period of time I can become one of the top contenders. This division is just so stacked and I am looking forward to all the competition.”

After getting his feet wet, Nate Mohr is a fighter on the rise. Training with guys such as Matt Fiordirosa, Bart Palaszewski, and Jeff Curran, Mohr has the potential to be a top contender and will make many new fans along the way.

“Fans? Didn’t know I had any yet! [Laughs] Just like to say thanks to everyone that supports MMA and the UFC, making my dream come true. Thanks to my trainers and coaches, Jeff Curran and Doug Mango. Thanks to Team Curran for helping me with all my preparation and a special thanks to Tapout for all their support.”