Olympic Champion Kyle Snyder Offers to Help Conor McGregor Get Ready for Khabib Nurmagomedov

February 23, 2018

If Conor McGregor ends up facing Khabib Nurmagomedov in his return to the UFC, he just got an offer from an Olympic champion to help him get ready.

Olympic gold medalist and two time World champion wrestler Kyle Snyder made the overture to McGregor on Twitter on Thursday offering to help him prepare for a showdown with Nurmagomedov should that fight ever come together.

Snyder is considered the top wrestler in the world at 97kg where he won Olympic gold in 2016 with hopes of returning to claim a second gold medal in 2020. Snyder has also talked about possibly crossing over into mixed martial arts once his wrestling career is finished and he remains a massive fan of the sport.

“If you are ever going to fight Khabib, let me know,” Snyder wrote in a message to McGregor. “We can work on techniques to defend all of his takedown attempts. Best of luck.”

Nurmagomedov is obviously one of the most dangerous ground specialists in the sport with a high level wrestling attack that would certainly come into play should he ever step into the Octagon against McGregor.

While McGregor has always maintained his core group of training partners and coaches at his home gym in Ireland, the 29-year old Irishman may not find a better coach to help him prepare for Nurmagomedov’s attacks than what Snyder could provide for him.

Snyder is known for his high output offensive attacks with one of the quickest and most explosive shots in wrestling history. He’s also toppled numerous Russian wrestlers over the course of his career so he’s well versed in the style that McGregor might be forced to face should he draw Nurmagomedov in the future.

Obviously, McGregor is still awaiting his return to action later this year with hopes that he will face the winner of the UFC 223 main event between Nurmagomedov and interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson on April 7.

Should Nurmagomedov come out on top, McGregor might want to give Snyder a ring to begin working on his wrestling and takedown defense immediately.