Old-Man Strength: Watch This Elderly Fellow Beat Up His Young Sparring Partner (Video)

October 21, 2014


If you’ve ever heard the expression “old-man strength,” then you probably have a grumpy uncle who claims he knows everything and tells you stories of how he beat up everybody who ever got in his face. “And then, POW,” he likely shouts while taking in his third glass of scotch, adding, “And after I kicked his ass, I took his girlfriend home.” Yeah right, Uncle Bob.

But then there’s the off chance that your uncle is this guy, an elderly gentleman that got in the ring with a young sparring partner and completely obliterated the dude in seconds. If this is your uncle, that’s awesome, and you should probably listen to those stories of how he beat up bullies and stole their girlfriends because they’re probably all true.

Roll the footage.

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