by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
Jon “Bones” Jones was disqualified following three illegal elbow strikes to the face of Matt Hamill at “The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale” on Saturday night. The fight was stopped due to a deep laceration to the bridge of Hamill’s nose.

There was confusion among spectators and the broadcast team after referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight, wondering whether or not Jones, who dominated Hamill to that point, was the winner.

Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer fielded questions from the media during the post-fight press conference. He explained why the bout was ruled a disqualification and not a no contest, and confirmed there will be no disciplinary action taken against Jones.

“At the end of the day, you had the illegal elbows that cut him up and had to be stopped. The only call you can make in that situation is disqualification,” Kizer told the media. “It was the referee stopping the fight due to the damage to Matt Hamill, to his face.

“It was completely the referee’s call.”

During the bout Hamill dislocated his shoulder, raising the question of whether he couldn’t continue due to the shoulder injury or the cut, but Kizer explained the shoulder injury had no bearing on the decision to stop the fight.

“There was also damage with the shoulder that didn’t come into play with the stoppage,” commented Kizer. “I talked to the doctor. The doctor said there was a deep, jagged cut on the bridge of the nose, and obviously a lot of blood there. Steve stopped the fight initially to take the point away.

“Once Mr. Jones got off of Mr. Hamill, (Mazzagatti) took the point away. When he went back to check on Mr. Hamill, he saw that he wasn’t in condition to continue due to facial wounds. Then he used the instant replay to verify whether the intentional fouls contributed to those wounds and they did,” explained the Executive Director. “This is actually the first time instant replay has been utilized in Nevada.”

Addressing the misconception that it could have been ruled a no contest, Kizer stated, “The only time you have a no contest is if it’s an accidental foul. If the referee called it accidental it would be a no contest if it happens before the end of the second round. If it happens in the third round then you go to the scorecards. Intentional foul, if the fighter can’t continue due to the intentional foul, in whole or in part, in any round it would be a disqualification.”

Jones looked very impressive in his disqualification loss, and Kizer said there would be no action taken against the 22-year-old fighter.

“I don’t think there was any ill-will or anything like that. They were definitely illegal. They definitely were intentional fouls, but it wasn’t thrown with any type of malice, so definitely no discipline or anything like that against him.”