NSAC’s Keith Kizer On EliteXC Controversy

Following the controversy around Seth Petruzelli and whether or not he was asked/told/paid-off by EliteXC officials not to take Kimbo Slice to the ground during their recent bout on CBS-EliteXC Saturday Night fights, Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer informed MMAWeekly.com that he had brought the comments to the attention of EliteXC co-matchmaker JT Steele, who emphatically denied any payoff.

“Hypothetically, if that happened, and we found out later that one of the fighters or both were told, ‘look, you need to fight a certain way,’ or some incentive not to utilize part of your skills, I would file a complaint,” Kizer said. “I would file a complaint against the promoter; I would probably file a complaint against the athlete as well.”

Steve Cofield of Yahoo! Sports and ESPN Radio 1100 recently conducted a video interview with Kizer, where he went more in depth on the situation and talked about EliteXC’s plans for a Nov. 8 event in his state in Reno.