NSAC rules not to discipline boxers, MMA fighters for marijuana use

The Nevada State Athletic Commission took a huge step today in how the commission deals with marijuana.

The NSAC voted Wednesday that they will no longer discipline fighters for the use of cannabis, according to a report from ESPN.

The commission was given the ability to make this ruling after they received a memo from Nevada Senior Deputy Attorney General Edward Magaw, who took part in the meeting where the ruling was made.

Before this ruling, the NSAC suspended fighters for periods of time lasting up to nine months along with fining them a percentage of their fight purse if the fighter tested positive for cannabis in in-competition tests.

Perhaps the most notable suspension as a result of testing positive for marijuana was Nick Diaz.

Nate and Nick Diaz smoke a blunt at UFC 263 Post-fight Press Conference | Video

The NSAC decided to suspend him for five years in 2015 after his third marijuana-related offense. The commission even pondered a lifetime ban for Diaz before they decided on a somewhat lighter ruling.

USADA, which is the UFC’s anti-doping agency, removed discipline for marijuana earlier this year in January. 

While USADA’s January ruling was a significant step forward, for the NSAC to make this ruling, fighters now fighting in Las Vegas will no longer have to worry about such stringent regulations on marijuana. 

Nate Diaz puffs weed during UFC 263 Pre-fight Press Conference | Video