by Al Yu – MMAWeekly.com




MMAWeekly: Thales, what were your thoughts on the illegal knee and pile


Thales Leites: He did a lot of illegal blows during the fight. It wasn’t
just the illegal knee; it was the pile driver and elbows, too. For sure he hit
the back of my head. After the fight I showed to Joe Rogan the "ball"
that I had in the back of my head. In my opinion he was obliged to knock me out
in the second round with the illegal knee and I came back to fight without even
knowing where I was properly.


If he wants to fight me again, I think he should get in
line. I’m looking for the title shot. He had his chance before and he wasn’t
successful so now it’s my time.


MMAWeekly: So you were hurt from the knee?

Thales: I was completely stunned! But I had to keep fighting.


MMAWeekly: You “had” to?


Thales: When the referee stepped in, he was asked me, "Do you
want to fight?" In my mind I was thinking, if I say no, the ref is going
to stop the fight and give the victory to Nate; so every time I looked at the
referee I said "No, I want to fight, I’m 100 percent." I really
wasn’t. Everybody could see that I wasn’t 100 percent, but I was saying that
because I didn’t know what would happen.


I didn’t see the illegal knee. I knew he did it, but I
didn’t see the illegal knee. I was stunned and a little bit out of it at that
moment. After the knee I fought totally on automatic pilot till the end of the


MMAWeekly: Did you ever think about giving up at any point?


Thales: No, I never think of giving up no matter how bad the
situation I find myself in. For me to give up, he’ll have to knock me out or
choke me out. I train hard every day to be ready for any situation during the


MMAWeekly: Andre Pederneiras didn’t seem too happy about the pile
driver that Marquardt performed on you at the end of the fight. The move is
illegal. Were you aware that it was illegal? Did the move hurt you?


Thales: I didn’t know for sure if the move was illegal. It didn’t
hurt me; I saw it coming and I used my arms to protect myself. I don’t know
what went through his head at that moment. I think he felt desperate for not
having been able to knock me out during the fight even after the knee and he
knew he was losing the fight.


MMAWeekly: Do you think Marquardt should have been disqualified?


Thales: For sure. He committed several illegal blows besides the
knee, which totally changed the way the fight played out. There were also elbows
that certainly did get me on the back of the head and there was the pile driver
at the end of the third round.


MMAWeekly: Do you think it’s time for a title shot?


Thales: I think so… but the one that decides that is the UFC and I
am always prepared to fight whoever they want me to fight. I’ll keep training
and wait for a call from the UFC.





“Fighting in the States is a dream come true. I have wanted
to fight there since the beginning of my career.”


Nova Uniao featherweight standout Jose Aldo recently made
his U.S. debut at World Extreme Cagefighting 34. Aldo is coming off the biggest
victory of his career with a TKO victory over Alexandre Franca “Pequeno”


“I felt comfortable; not nervous or anything. I knew I had
done my job well in preparing for the fight and went in physically and mentally
prepared. On the day of the fight I felt those butterflies in my stomach, but
that is normal. I was just a bit anxious to get in there and fight the day
before,” said Aldo.

Although his opponent’s nickname translated as ‘small,’ the
significance of Aldo’s successful WEC debut was huge. Alexandre Franca Nogueira
is a former Shooto champion and holds the record for longest title reign among
all fighters in any organization today. The win was one of the biggest
accomplishments thus far in Aldo’s career.


“I thought it was a good opportunity for me to move up in my
career, because he is a big name, and I knew I couldn’t let it escape. I had to
win,” commented Aldo when he first found out his opponent was Nogueira.


“I feel really good about the results; that was what I
wanted. Every time I go out there to fight I am going to try and make an even
bigger impression than the last until I get my chance at the title,” he added.
“I want to thank everyone for the support and staying positive. I hope the fans
that were there enjoyed the fight. I will do what it takes to perform even
better next time.”





Nova Uniao-trained fighter Will Ribeiro shocked many fans
when he defeated former WEC 135-pound champion Chase Beebe in his WEC debut.


"I feel really happy,” expressed Ribeiro. “Beating the
former WEC champion was really good for my career and my life. I want to make
it all the way to the top. For the win, I just want to thank God and my team
Minotauro Team, Boxe Thai and Andre Pederneiras’ Nova Uniao, where I did most
of my training for the fight."


Ribeiro started with Tae Kwon Do early in his martial arts
career and later focused on Muay Thai and boxing. He was part of the Brazilian
National boxing team and trained the Nogueira brothers (Antonio Rodrigo and
Antonio Rogerio) at Minotauro Team.


“I put on a good fight. After thinking about it, I don’t
think I made any mistake during the fight. I had chances to knock him out in
the first round, but unfortunately it didn’t happen because he’s a first-rate
fighter, too. I had a lot of trouble making weight; this was the first time I
fought at this weight,” revealed the Boxe Thai fighter. “I think in the future,
though, I’ll be better adapted to this weight class. I should fight even better
once I’m used to the weight.”


Defeating Beebe was a huge victory for Ribeiro and it
definitely opened the eyes of many fans.


“My goal is to get the belt. I will fight anyone to get
there. The way I see it, if I beat the last champion in the first fight, I
should fight the current champion in my next,” he said. “I’d like to thank the
WEC for giving me this opportunity. I guarantee they’ll like my performances in
the WEC.”





– Leo Santos and Eduardo Dantas are both scheduled to fight
at Shooto Brazil 7 on June 28. The upcoming event will feature some “Brazil vs.
Argentina” matches.


– Leandro “Batata” Silva recently returned to Rio de Janeiro
to prepare for the upcoming Fury Fight 185-pound Grand Prix.


– Ronys Torres qualified for Jungle Fight at the ‘Jungle
Fight Warriors Trials’ event.


– Georges St. Pierre recently visited Nova Uniao. The UFC
Champion briefly sparred with Leo Santos and Wagnney Fabiano, his first
jiu-jitsu coach and friend. St. Pierre has been training at Gracie Barra in
preparation for his upcoming fight against Jon Fitch at UFC 87 in August.