October 13, 2010

Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley delivering blows

It was supposed to be a match-up featuring two of Strikeforce’s premier up-and-coming welterweights, a clash in style between the striker/wrestler and the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace.

Instead it turned into one of the most lopsided victories of last Saturday’s event when Tyron “T-Wood” Woodley quickly dispatched Andre Galvao in just under two minutes.

“I didn’t expect for it to end in that manner, in the first round,” Woodley told “I expected it to happen very similar to that in the later rounds out of fatigue and frustration for not being able to take me down and him getting desperate.”

Desperation came quickly for Galvao, as it appeared Woodley’s first punch put the BJJ ace immediately on his heels. Things went quickly downhill from there.

“I think I rocked him (with that first punch),” commented Woodley. “I think I dazed him and never really got back on his feet. He had a hard time getting anything going after that because he was in a daze.”

For Woodley it was imperative to get a quick, decisive victory over Galvao after having a close, controversial split-decision win in his last fight over Nathan Coy in May.

“To go through a complete war like that (against Coy), and to come out and get a victory quickly (against Galvao) it validates the reason why I feel like I should be right back up and fighting Dec. 4 in St. Louis,” stated Woodley.

“Everybody saw that I can strike and that I can finish guys by more than just submission and that I’m ready to go again.”

When asked if there had been any discussion between his camp and Strikeforce for a fight on the Dec. 4 card in his hometown of St. Louis, Woodley replied, “Not yet.

“I’m definitely going to be bugging the life out of them. They already know it. I’ve already told Scott (Coker), Bob (Cook), Rich (Chou), and all those guys what the plan is, and we’ll see.

“They already told me that if anyone gets hurt, injured, and needs replacing, I’m the first one up. So that’s encouraging. I don’t want to wish bad on anybody or for anybody to get hurt, but if the opportunity presents itself, great. I’ll jump in there and get it on.”

Regardless of when he gets back into the cage, the next time Woodley does step in, it will be with the goal of making his run at the welterweight title currently held by Nick Diaz.

“Nothing’s stopping me, so it shouldn’t be long,” said Woodley. “Scott made a statement that in 2011 I should get an opportunity for a belt, which is reassuring, but if he’s thinking a year as in 12 months, it’s not going to take that long.

“I figure within one or two fights I should be able to jump in there (and compete for the title).”

Having looked nothing short of absolutely dominant in his win over Galvao, Woodley has put the rest of the welterweight division on notice that he’s arrived and nothing’s going to get in his way of his goal of being a champion sooner rather than later.

“I want to thank Rockstar Energy Drink, Clinch Gear, EA Sports, American Top Team, MMA Overload, and everyone that’s supported me and helped me become the best fighter I can be,” concluded Woodley.

“I appreciate all the support from the fans for their interest in my career; I just want to thank everybody.”