September 19, 2008

by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
It has been a very tumultuous summer for ElitleXC lightweight champion K.J. Noons, who successfully defended his belt in June, but since that time has been embroiled in a war with the promotion he currently represents.

The champion has continued to train and work towards another fight, but his next battle will be in the boxing ring instead of mixed martial arts.

“I’m actually just training a lot right now. I’m actually getting ready for a boxing fight next month,” Noons stated in an interview with MMAWeekly Radio. “I’ve got to stay busy doing something, I can’t just sit on my butt all day long.”

When the Hawaiian first signed on with EliteXC it was under two different deals that would keep him active in both boxing and MMA, but that agreement has not been met according to Noons.

“I did have two contracts, one was boxing and one with EliteXC, but they didn’t give me any boxing fights either,” commented Noons. “So they breeched that, and now I can kind of go out and box on my own.”

His next boxing match will likely take place in the San Diego area where he will compete at 154 pounds. But what about Noons and his future in MMA?

While vague in making any specific statements about his future, Noons seemed to indicate that he could be fielding potential offers from other suitors, but couldn’t go into much detail because of legal reasons.

“I’m still with them, I still have the belt, and I still owe them fights,” Noons said. “I’ve pretty much already said my peace. I mean I could have kept on going on and said more things of what I’m kind of tired dealing with them, but I am with them, I do owe them some fights.

“I’m not totally separating myself from them, but I’m just going to do what kind of makes most sense for me so right now, it’s just to box and just stay in shape and whenever a good fight comes along or the best offer for me, you know I’m going to take that.”

The fight that EliteXC has been pushing for Noons is a rematch against Nick Diaz, but in the end, money could be the final factor in putting the fight together.

Still, Noons doesn’t understand why Diaz, who recently argued about his own pay scale, should get the rematch and still make more than the defending champion.

“Tell him to put his money where his mouth is. Put his money up if he wants it so bad, if he’s such a warrior,” Noons stated about Diaz. “He was just (expletive) about how much he got paid on this last CBS card. He’s getting paid three times more than me, how do you think that makes me feel?”

It also seems that the EliteXC champion has seen the other Diaz (Nate, who currently fights in the UFC) talking about him and has no problem with that challenge either.

“If Dana (White) is listening, I wouldn’t mind fighting his brother too. I’ll get them both (expletive) plastic surgeries,” Noons said emphatically.

According to Noons, EliteXC has not contacted him recently trying to find a conclusion to this ongoing saga, but he remains hopeful that a deal can be reached.

“Hopefully it gets worked out,” Noons commented. “Hopefully, they want to work with me and treat me right. I’d be more than willing to fight with their company. It just has to make sense.”