by Robert Charron (Photos by Nicole Charron)
(Photos courtesy of Nicole Charron)

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada – Hardcore Championship Fighting’s third event appeared stacked, especially for a card to be held in Calgary. Maybe it is the red-hot, oil-fueled economy that was the deciding factor to hold such a card in a city not well known for its mixed martial arts fan base.

The main event pitted Antonio Rogerio “Minotoro” Nogueira, a well known and respected light heavyweight amongst MMA hardcore fans, against up-and-comer Todd Gouwenberg, who has racked upped four straight wins.

The first round saw the two fighters test the waters through much of the first round, being very tentative on their feet and both men securing takedowns. Nogueira was the more technical on the ground as was to be expected, netting a reversal and controlling position and what happened on the mat.

Both fighters seemed to gain some confidence coming into the second round, trading punches thrown with power that was lacking in the first. After a nice body lock trip by Nogueira and some uneventful side control, the referee stood them up. Nogueira switched tactics and took it to the tiring Gouwenberg, unleashing a relentless series of punch, kick, and knee combos until the referee stepped in to award him the TKO.

On paper Gerard Mousasi’s battle with Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos guaranteed fireworks. Both fighters are well rounded, but it is their striking games that they are both well known for. Mousasi for his pinpoint accuracy and Cyborg for his relentless, punishing flurries that Chute Boxe athletes are notorious for.

Mousasi looked impressive landing some solid leg kicks and reversing an attempted throw by Cyborg, ending up in side control. He took this advantage with a very aggressive top game, capturing Santos in a crucifix. With one arm trapped under Mousasi, it was only a matter of time before the referee had to stop the hammer fists raining down. Santos’ emotional pleas of him not being in danger fell on deaf ears in the ring, but were echoed through the stadium.

Canadian Garett Davis, out of British Columbia, asked for that coveted title shot and got it with Albuquerque, N.M.’s HCF lightweight champion Thomas Schulte.

Schulte seemed to take exception to being dropped by a right soon into the fight and took Davis’ back in the ensuing scramble, sinking the rear naked choke in at 1:15 of the first round to retain his belt.

David Loiseau’s fight with Jason Day was a last minute addition to the already impressive card after Loiseau found himself without a fight due to the recent World Cagefighting Organization’s event being cancelled by the California State Athletic Commission. A game Day accepted what would surely be a slugfest for the fans.

Both fighters seemed uninterested in coming forward like the fans had hoped for this one. Instead most of the first round was fought in the clinch trading knee strikes with a brief stint on the ground courtesy of a trip and a very active bottom game by Day.

The second round was all about Loiseau taking Day to the mat almost at will and Day defending actively, even reversing the frustrated fighter. Day ended the second stanza strong with some aggressive ground and pound and securing Loiseau’s back until the bell.

The third round would be more of the same, highlighted by a beautiful slam midway through.

The judges scored the fight for Jason Day in a split and very unpopular decision amongst the fans.

A beautiful hip toss of Derrick Noble by Brendan Seguin opened up the first round, but would change to a bit of a feeling out process with both men having their moments on the feet and on the ground.

After an extended battle against the fence in the clinch and what would become a bit of a slow fight with only a few tentative engagements on their feet, Noble lit up Seguin with a left high kick, right hook combo for the knockout.

Mike Pyle looked unstoppable as he took the fight anywhere he wanted in this 170-pound bout. His opponent, Damir Mirenic, did quite well defending the relentless amount of submissions being thrown at him, but would succumb in the second round to this barrage of dominance from Pyle via what looked like a key lock, but would be called a Kimura officially.

Andrew Buckland and Dan Chambers put on quite an exiting and competitive grappling match full of transitions and reversals. It was a Kimura applied from the clinch that would end the fight and bring Andrews perfect record to 5-0.

Myles Merola made everyone think of Matt Hughes as he pick up and slammed Ariel Sexton to the ground early in the first. Sexton would spend most of the fight defending off his back until capitalizing on a scramble in the second round to take Myles’ back and sink the rear naked choke.

Newcomer and underdog Miodrag Petkovic would punish the legs of 5-0, up-and-comer Tim Hague with stiff low kicks between clinches along the fence in all three rounds in one of the slower and only heavyweight matches of the night. Petkovic would earn the hard fought split decision.

Brazilian Lucas Rota seemed to be having little trouble with Nabil Khatib early on in this action packed three-round battle, making good use of his knee in the clinch. But it was Nabil who would turn it around convincingly in the final two rounds, grounding and pounding his way to a unanimous decision.

Juan Barrantes would make short work of local Babian Cortez in this short but action packed fight which saw many transitions and reversals to finally be decided by arm bar submission.


Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Todd Gouwenberg by TKO (Strikes) at 4:34, R2
Gegard Mousasi def. Evangelista Santos by TKO (Strikes) at 3:42, R1
Thomas Schulte def. Garett Davis by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at1:15, R1
Jason Day def. David Loiseau by Split Decision, R3
Derrick Noble def. Brendan Seguin by KO at 4:34, R2
Mike Pyle def. Damir Mirenic by Submission (Kimura) at 1:21, R2
Andrew Buckland def. Dan Chambers by Submission (Kimura) at 3:19, R2
Ariel Sexton def. Myles Merola by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at1:08, R2
Miodrag Petkovic def. Tim Hague, Edmonton by Split Decision, R3
Nabil Khatib def. Lucas Rota by Unanimous Decision, R3
Juan Barrantes def. Babian Cortez by Submission (Arm Bar) at 2:20, R1