by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
Over the past couple of years, Colorado’s Noah Thomas has made a name for himself as one of the most tenacious fighters in the 155lb weight class.

Now after all his hard work and development as a fighter, Thomas will be getting an opportunity to put some gold around his waist this weekend in his home state for an organization he’s been a mainstay for his entire career, both as an amateur and a professional.

“I’m fighting this Saturday and it’s going to be for the Kick Down Lightweight Championship in Denver,” said Noah of his upcoming title fight. “I’m going to be fighting Vincent Vigil. He’s a pretty decent wrestler, he’s a State Champion, so he’s an accomplished wrestler, but other than that I really don’t see him bringing much to the table. I don’t see him winning the fight in any way.”

When it comes to facing off against a wrestler, the fight will most likely go the ground fast and often, which is something that Thomas feels he’s ready for.

“If it goes to the ground I’m ready,” exclaimed Noah. “I’ve been working at a Gracie jiu-jitsu school now for about five months. Royce Gracie actually just came and gave me my blue belt about three weeks ago. Adam Martinez has been my instructor there and he’s really been helping me out a lot.”

Thomas continued, “Adam was a boxer, kickboxer, a judo black belt and a four-stripe blue belt under Royce – who he’s been with since ’93 – so he’s really, really good and definitely knows what’s going on. I’ve been working with some really good wrestlers and so I basically plan on stuffing the guy’s shot and either take him down and submit him or pound him out.”

Getting an opportunity to be a champion is always very important to all fighters, but to be a champion in an organization that you’ve become a cornerstone of, that’s something more so special altogether.

“Steve and I have been talking about it for a while and he’s always wanted to put me up for a title because I’ve never lost on his show,” explained Noah. “I held a couple titles as an amateur on his show and he says he thinks I’m one of the best people to put up for a title. I’ve been active for his show and I’m glad I finally get the chance to prove I’m worthy of a pro title.”

Since hooking up with Loveland Martial Arts and Adam Martinez, Noah has impressed many with his development over the last couple months.

“In the last three fights people have been telling me I look completely different,” admitted Thomas. “I’ve been with him [Adam] the last three fights and I’ve shown a lot more control, my striking is looking a lot better; my ground game has been phenomenal. I’ve been running through guys, tough characters, I’ve just been running through them like they’re water. So I’ve really shored up my game.”

The stability that LMA has given to Thomas has helped level out a year that had been like a rollercoaster ride in the beginning and has now found a steady plateau.

“I started off the year on a good foot, but then I tripped, fumbled and flailed about like a kid coming out of the womb and then finally found my place at this new school,” admitted Noah. “I took a couple of hard losses because I didn’t have the proper training. With [Ryan] Schultz going back up to Oregon I didn’t have the proper training regiment, so I just kind of wandered around and just tried to find my place in this world. Now that I have, I’m really coming up and am on to better things.”

“I haven’t lost since I’ve been to this new school. I’m feeling a lot more fluid on the ground, seeing more openings, and the same with my stand-up, it’s a whole lot better than it was. So my year started of rough but now I’m on the up and up,” further commented Thomas.

Should all go well in Kick Down, Noah has his eyes on his steady rise upwards and hopes to showcase his ever evolving skills for any of the biggest MMA promotions in the world.

“I’d love to be picked up on one of the IFL teams,” exclaimed Thomas. “I’d really, really would love to be on an IFL team because I think they’re one of the best organizations out there. I’d love to go to the UFC or TUF [The Ultimate Fighter] 5 whenever they start auditions. Or I’d love to go to PRIDE, the WFA or Strikeforce, any one of the bigger shows.”

Even with increasingly growing prospects around him, Noah remains grounded and focused on the task at hand this weekend.

“I want to say thanks to Steve for giving me this shot,” concluded Thomas. “Thanks to Adam Martinez and everybody at Loveland Martial Arts…and I want to thank my sponsors Tapout, Cryogel, and FightShop.tv. I hope you all have a good time coming out to the show and I hope you don’t blink because it’s going to be a war…definitely.”