by Steven Marrocco – MMAWeekly.com

LOS ANGELES – There was
no shade of secrecy in Ben Rothwell’s pre-fight hype talk with reporters.


After 10 years working his way
to the top of the mixed martial arts world, Rothwell, 28, was serious as a
heart attack about what he was going to do to UFC 104 opponent Cain Velasquez –
and what Velasquez was going to try to do to him.


“It’s no secret that he’s
working to become a kickboxer who has a wrestling background, and if he gets in
trouble, he’s going to take me to the ground, try to control me on the ground,
grind out a decision,” said Rothwell,
staring straight forward. “Basically, my game plan is to show him that he’s not
the better kickboxer, stop his takedowns, and if it does go to the ground, beat
him there too.


“You never know, I might end up
on top, and put him somewhere he’s never been before, either.”


Rothwell brushed aside talk of
any UFC jitters, saying this was his time to shine.


“This is all excitement,” he
said. “The Octagon for me is like bliss.”


He pointed out he had as many
losses on his record as Velasquez had fights. The difference, he said, was the 30
victories to his name.


Rothwell was 270 pounds on
Wednesday, way ahead of schedule on his weight cut to 265 pounds. Usually, he
said he had to cut 10 to 15 pounds at that point.


On Saturday, he will attempt to
prove he belongs in the world’s deepest talent pool. 


“This is the best I’ve ever
been, the best I’ve ever looked,” he said. 


(Watch the entire UFC
104 prefight video interview with Ben Rothwell.)