No Rest for the Wicked… Or for CFFC Welterweight Champion George Sullivan

August 16, 2013

George Sullivan Pellegrino MMAThere’s no rest for the wicked… or for CFFC welterweight champion George Sullivan.

An avid gamer in his spare time, Sullivan has not had time for anything but training of late, as he’s entering his third fight of the year with a scheduled title defense on Saturday night in Atlantic City, N.J.

“I haven’t played video games for four months because I’ve been fighting back-to-back and because I’m always in the gym,” he said.

“By the time I get home to go to bed it’s 10 p.m. and then I get up at 4 a.m. the next morning to train and then I go back to work until 3:30 and then I go back to Kurt (Pellegrino’s gym) at 6 and then I get done at 10 and do it all over again.”

Sullivan is not worried about burning out due to his hectic schedule, but he does admit a vacation after Saturday’s fight wouldn’t be a bad idea.

“The way I’m doing it, my coaches are all about recovery and have spaced my practices out enough,” he said. “I’m not doing four-hour straight sessions any more, but I will take a little bit of time off after this fight.”

At CFFC 26 on Saturday night, Sullivan (13-3) will defend his title against Jesus Martinez (8-3) in a fight that could very well be a stand-up war and candidate for Fight of the Year.

“If I can pressure (Martinez) and throw my hands and not get caught with something stupid, I think I can knock him out,” said Sullivan. “I know his jiu-jitsu is his strong point and he hits hard, but if I keep the pressure on him and hit him hard, I don’t see him being able to stop my power.

“I’m super-excited to fight him. I respect him and he’s a higher caliber striker for me to fight, and I like striking.”

For Sullivan, fighting in front of his hometown crowd adds even more excitement to an already highly anticipated match-up.

“There’s nothing better than the feeling of having everyone cheering for you,” he told “I see all my shirts in the crowd and my friends and my family out there, so I feel like I go out there with an army.”

Should Sullivan prove successful in dispatching Martinez, he would pick up his sixth win in a row and could very well put himself on the UFC radar.

“If I get the call, I’ll go with it, but I’m trying not to think about stuff like that,” said Sullivan.

“I just think for now and whatever they need for me to do, I’ll do, because the CFFC takes good enough care of me. We’ll see how the cards play out after this fight.”

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