by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Most fighters just returning from their honeymoon after being married only a few weeks earlier would never entertain the idea of taking a fight on only eight days notice, but Jim Miller is not most fighters.

Without a blink, he stepped in for injured teammate Frankie Edgar, who had to drop out of his scheduled fight against Matt Wiman, and helped keep the bout on the main card of the upcoming UFC Fight for the Troops card on Dec. 10.

“Tuesday I got the call, like around noon, and came right down to the gym and warmed up and did a fight simulation to see where I was at, almost puked. I’ve just been training, trying to get a little bit of the rust out, and get ready to start cutting weight,” Miller told MMAWeekly.com about his decision to accept the fight.

The weight cut could have been the biggest issue for Miller as he admittedly indulged while on his honeymoon, but since that time he has worked to get his weight back down and should have no troubles by weigh-ins on Tuesday.

Beyond the weigh cut, the bigger issue that Miller will deal with on Wednesday is a challenger in Matt Wiman, who has been making a quick rise up the lightweight ladder, winning his last four fights in a row.

Make no mistake that while Miller has nothing but the utmost respect for his opponent, he took the fight believing he would win.

“He’s good in every area of the game. He’s definitely a well-rounded fighter. I think I’ve got better wrestling than him and better jiu-jitsu than him,” Miller commented. “He’s got really good defense and he’s got good movement, his hands are heavy, but I think it should be a good match-up and an exciting fight for the fans and a good one for the troops.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for Matt, he’s a tough guy, and that’s what I want. I want tough fights, and I still think I can put on a good show with eight days notice.”

Short notice has become a regular part of the Miller name lately. Back in October, Jim’s brother Dan stepped in for an injured Ricardo Almeida just two weeks out from the fight and picked up a win over Matt Horwich.

Now, Jim will attempt to keep the family name alive by one-upping his brother, taking a fight on only eight days notice.

“That’s the way it works with brothers,” Miller said with a laugh. “We made the comment we were playing ‘MMA Horse.’ He rear naked choked his first opponent, I rear naked choked mine, but then he had that tough one with (Matt) Horwich, I’m going to have to break the chain.”

Miller finished up his short training camp and left for North Carolina on Saturday to make final preparations to take on Matt Wiman at UFC’s Fight For The Troops on Dec. 10.