No Drug Testing At Strikeforce "Destruction": UPDATE

MMAInsider happened upon something unusual on Monday when it spoke to the California State Athletic Commission to acquire live gate, fighter payout, and drug testing information.

A CSAC representative said no drug testing had been conducted for Strikeforce “Destruction” on Friday, Nov. 21st.

The lack of testing is an unexpected shift for an agency known to have the most comprehensive anti-doping program of any athletic commission in the country, as well as the strictest enforcement of the issue.

The representative gave no reason for the change, though MMAInsider has contacted interim CSAC office director Bill Douglas for comment.

The position of Executive Officer has been vacant at CSAC since the departure of it’s former Executive Officer Armando Garcia.

UPDATE: Bill Douglas, now the official CSAC assistant executive officer, returned comment on the testing situation.

“I’ve cancelled all drug testing across the board while I revamp the entire process from start to finish,” Mr. Douglas wrote in an email. “I expect the new and improved program to roll out next week.”