Nick Newell Would Gladly Accept ‘Easy Money’ Fight Against Floyd Mayweather

March 26, 2018

If Floyd Mayweather is serious about pursuing a mixed martial arts fight, Nick Newell would be more than happy to welcome him to the Octagon.

The 14-1 lightweight contender has been pushing for a shot in the UFC after returning from retirement just recently and there have been suggestions that a showdown with Mayweather would be an interesting matchup for him.

Mayweather is teasing a move into mixed martial arts while Newell’s incredible story has been told numerous times as a congenital amputee who has amassed an impressive record while facing a laundry list of veterans throughout his fighting career.

For all the potential hype around the matchup, Newell doesn’t believe it would really be a fair fight necessarily but it would earn him a gigantic payday and so he’d be more than happy to welcome Mayweather to the UFC for the first time.

“Floyd Mayweather, he’s the greatest boxer of all time. Randy Couture fought James Toney, I don’t see why I wouldn’t take that one considering the money I would make off of that and it would be an easy night,” Newell told MMAWeekly.

“So easy money, easy fight, I would take that in a heartbeat but he knows better.”Floyd Mayweather weigh-in

Mayweather will reportedly begin training with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in the near future to prepare him for a transition into mixed martial arts after compiling a perfect 50-0 record as a boxer.

While most believe that Mayweather is either using this as a publicity stunt or to potentially to set up a big money rematch against Conor McGregor, if he’s serious about taking an MMA fight, Newell would gladly accept.

The only problem is Newell doesn’t believe that Mayweather would like the results if the fight actually happened.

“I would toss him around like a ragdoll and finish him when I feel like it,” Newell said. “He’s not a dumb guy. He knows better than to get in there with me in a mixed martial arts match.”