Nick Newell Unlikely to Find a Home on UFC Roster

December 28, 2012

Nick Newell XFCBy now just about everybody in the world has heard or read about the amazing story that is MMA fighter Nick Newell.

Newell was born with only one arm, but has managed to put together an incredibly impressive streak of wins in his MMA career, currently sitting with a perfect 9-0 record, with 8 wins coming by way of submission or knockout.

The Connecticut born fighter recently wrapped up his first major title when he won the XFC lightweight strap in early December, and just about everybody started to wonder if he would one day end up in the UFC.

As amazing as Newell’s story truly is, UFC President Dana White just isn’t sure he’ll ever have a home in the Octagon.

“Never, no,” White answered when asked if he would consider bringing Newell into the UFC fold.

White admitted he didn’t know a lot about the opponents that Newell had beaten to get to his 9-0 record, but going undefeated on the local circuits versus competing against the best of the best in the UFC is a whole different animal.

“It’s hard to fight here with two arms,” said White. “It’s tough. There’s guys that we bring in that are considered top guys on the Ultimate Fighter that don’t ever really pan out and make it.”

The question was raised about Newell possibly earning his way into the UFC with an appearance on the Ultimate Fighter reality show, but White isn’t sure he’d even be licensed to fight in the state of Nevada, much less competing in any given season.

“Will the state of Nevada let him fight? Will the state of California let him fight? Would some of these bigger athletic commissions let him fight? Maybe he can get away with that in some of these other states. I don’t know, fighting with one arm is just craziness to me,” said White.

Judging by Newell’s determination to not only overcome his perceived handicap, it’s not likely he’s going to back down from his dream of one day fighting inside the Octagon. He’s changed plenty of people’s minds up till now, so what’s one more with convincing Dana White he deserves a place amongst the best fighters in the world.