Nick Diaz: Unveiled

Nick Diaz has often been accused of running from the press, that he clams up for reporters, or just doesn’t even bother to show up for them at all… accusations that he flatly denies. He just likes to do his job and do it well. His job is to fight.

Diaz defeated BJ Penn at UFC 137, bloodying him like no other fighter had, pushing him to the point that Penn said he was going to hang up his gloves. He called out UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre after the fight, saying the champ didn’t want to fight him, before UFC president Dana White shuffled the deck and said the two will square as soon as Super Bowl weekend, when St-Pierre is recovered from a knee injury.

After Saturday night’s UFC 137 post-fight press conference in Las Vegas, regardless of whatever else you’d like to say about Nick Diaz, you couldn’t say that he doesn’t do his job, and you certainly couldn’t say that he wouldn’t open up to the media.

In one of the more revealing episodes in recent memory in MMA, Nick Diaz lifted the veil trying his hardest to explain his life and reveal the anguish and frustration that boils inside him over always having to step outside himself into a role not of his choosing. Even as he got the fight that he wanted – the showdown with GSP – Diaz felt that he was forced out of character, that he had to be “the bad guy,” just to get the fight that should have been at UFC 137.

It’s difficult to put into words the raw emotion that Nick Diaz exposed on Saturday night, running the gamut from frustration and elation to laughter and anger. Perhaps the best way to explain Nick Diaz is to let him do it.

With that, we give you Nick Diaz: Unveiled at the UFC 137 post-fight press conference…