Watch Nick Diaz & Tommy Chong Blaze Up for a Backyard Smoke Session

September 22, 2016

Forget Cheech & Chong. Ladies and gentleman, now playing the role of Cheech is Nick Diaz. Welcome to 2016.

Whether Nick and Chong will enjoy international success as a great, groundbreaking comedy team is unknown, but right now they do make a great backyard bros team.

Even though these two guys are 45 years apart in age, they can still kick back with one thing in common: pot.

Backyard smokeout today with @nickdiaz209 @joe_schilling @paristchong

A photo posted by Tommy Chong (@heytommychong) on

Chong, 78, and Diaz, 33, passed the dutchie on the left hand side, in Diaz’s backyard.

And to think, Diaz could be training and getting ready to make some money at UFC 205. Nah, why train when you can toke? That’s Diaz style.

To the footage!

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