Nick Diaz Temporarily Suspended Until Disciplinary Hearing Later This Year

February 22, 2012

Nick Diaz UFC 129
The Nevada State Athletic Commission on Wednesday levied a temporary suspension against Nick Diaz after he tested positive for marijuana for his fight with Carlos Condit at UFC 143.

The commission voted unanimously to place Diaz under a temporary suspension until a disciplinary hearing could be held later this year. The hearing will most likely take place in April. The commission will then decide Diaz’s ultimate fate.

The commissioners did ask for some additional information to be provided at the next meeting where Diaz’s discipline will be handed down. The commission requested any and all information surrounding Diaz’s previous suspension in the state from his fight in February 2007, when he also tested positive for marijuana after his fight with Takanori Gomi in Pride. Diaz was suspended for six months and his fight was ruled a no contest.

They also requested any information on his full fight purse and any bonuses paid out to him, as well as his full application that was submitted prior to the fight.

The commissioners also mentioned that Diaz is licensed for medicinal marijuana use in the state of California. They stated they would have additional research regarding that matter when they reconvene later this year for the hearing.

For now, Diaz is simply suspended until the commission meets to decide his final fate. Based on past occurrences of a similar nature where a fighter has tested positive for marijuana a second time in the state, a one-year suspension was handed down.

Diaz will meet with the commission most likely in April to find out exactly what their ruling will be.

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