Nick Diaz Says He Never Agreed to Fight Jorge Masvidal at UFC 235

A week after UFC president Dana White confirmed Nick Diaz was set to fight Jorge Masvidal at UFC 235, Diaz is reportedly denying he ever agreed to the fight.

White told ESPN in November that a bout between Diaz and Masvidal had been agreed to for UFC 235, which is scheduled for March 2 in Las Vegas. Following UFC 231 in Toronto on Dec. 8, White confirmed that the fight was still a go, as far as he was aware. 

“As far as I know sitting right here right now, that fight’s on,” he said. “As far as I know, that fight is on. Unless something happened since Tuesday, which is very possible, it’s on.”

The only thing that has happened since Tuesday is that Diaz spoke with ESPN, telling them that he had never agreed to the fight.

“I think it’s rude of the UFC to try and lowball me and expect me to negotiate a deal while I’m training for a fight,” Diaz said via text message, according to an ESPN report. “It’s not gonna go down like that. If anybody wants to fight me they know where to find me. I’m not a hard guy to find. Come get some.

“I have a lot going on trying to manage a few different businesses. Once things make sense for everybody in that they actually have some fighters that they respect and I respect, we can try and come to a deal and do a show. That’s how I feel.”

Diaz, who hasn’t stepped in the Octagon since fighting Anderson Silva in January of 2015, reportedly stressed that he has no issue with Masvidal, but simply had not agreed to fight him. Apparently, Diaz has too many other irons in the fire already, and hinted that the UFC’s deal wasn’t good enough to pull him back into the cage.

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“As soon as I am in a good place with what I’m working on and things look the way it should, I’ll be happy to give the fans what they need. But I think they will be okay for now with what’s out there. There aren’t any fights for me until someone stands out,” Diaz said.

“I’ll fight if they can be more reasonable, but, really, I didn’t even talk about what it would or could [take]. They are the one’s tripping.”