Nick Diaz Gets Brief Jail Time in DUI Plea Deal

July 20, 2015

UFC fighter Nick Diaz agreed to a plea agreement on Monday, which avoids a lengthy jail sentence, but doesn’t keep him from going behind bars altogether.

Diaz was in San Joaquin County Court facing DUI-related charges, stemming from arrests in September of 2014 and November of the previous year. Both arrests occurred in Lodi, Calif. The full range of charges ranged from  DUI, DUI with an alcohol or drug level above .08, unsafe speed for prevailing conditions, failure to appear, driving with a suspended license, and resisting arrest.

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Nick DiazDiaz, according to a report from TMZ Sports, avoided a lengthy stay in jail by agreeing to a deal that saw him plead no contest to DUI with an alcohol or drug level above .08, while dismissing the other charges.

With the no contest plea, Diaz was sentenced to two two days in jail, three years of informal probation, and he must complete a DUI educational course.

He’ll only have to serve one day in jail though, as he was given credit for time-served for one day of his sentence.

Informal probation means that Diaz won’t have to check in with a probation officer. He just needs to stay out of trouble for the duration of his probation and meet all other terms of his sentencing.

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Diaz (26-20, 1 NC) last fought in a losing effort against Anderson Silva at UFC 183 in January of this year, his third consecutive loss.  More importantly than the outcome of the fight was the outcome of the drug testing related to the event. Both Diaz and Silva failed drug tests related to the fight and are currently in the midst of contesting the charges against them.

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