Nick Diaz Claims He Was Framed for Domestic Violence, Says He’s Fighting Next Year

(Courtesy of TMZSports)

UFC fighter Nick Diaz was arrested on charges of domestic violence in late May of this year, but speaking publicly for the first time since the incident, he told TMZ Sports that he was framed. Though the charges could result in him spending up to five years in jail, Diaz is currently out on bond, and looking to a return to the cage.

UFC president Dana White has said that Diaz has turned down fight after fight since he last fought in January of 2015, but if he is to be taken at his word, Diaz intends to fight again in 2019, perhaps even with Georges St-Pierre, whom he lost to in 2013.

Would St-Pierre be the opponent you’d most like to see if Diaz returns to the Octagon or would it be someone else?